Ransomware is a particularly painful type of malware. Malware is “hostile or intrusive software” that is illegally introduced onto your computer for malicious reasons. When ransomware infects your computer it blocks access to your data until you pay the criminals who are extorting you. It’s an illegal threat to your data.

Ransomware is now the fastest-growing malware threat in history. In 2016, it netted criminals $1 billion in ransom payments, and now it’s spreading even faster. Are you defending your company against the ransomware epidemic yet?

Insight BTR has partnered with Acronis Active Protection™ to defend our customers against ransomware. Acronis Active Protection™ is an advanced ransomware protection technology. It actively protects all of the data on your computer – documents, data of all types, and your Acronis Backup Files. (This is currently a Windows-only feature.)


If your files are already ransomed, don’t fret. Call Insight BTR to restore the infected PCs to their pre-breach state in one day – and avoid paying the ransom. 

Because Acronis is a backup solution, any data that was exposed and encrypted before the process was halted can be recovered from a variety of backup sources. Not only can’t alternative anti-ransomware solutions commonly end an attack once it has started, they have no way to recover any files encrypted by the attack. Acronis True Image with Acronis Active Protection detects, deflects, and restores files of any size!