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Network Administration
System Upgrades

Upgrading your system by adding/updating components or software can be an effective way to extend the life of some computer equipment. Let us show you how!

Hardware Provisioning

Insight BTR can perform setup and management of all hardware and software security. This includes firewall, Windows, server structure, hardware and software procurement, software licensing / management, vendor comparison and analysis (including market comparison and best-of-breed selection), volume discounts, and life cycle management.

Server Room Infrastructure

The server room is the most sacred room of a company’s IT environment.

Cables tangle inexplicably whenever in close proximity, or because sensitive electronics do not mix well with traditional clean-up methods, server rooms can get kind of gnarly.

Insight BTR is the kind of responsive, flexible, and capable IT partner needed for today’s business environment. Small enough to be responsive problem-solvers, large enough to achieve on-time and on-budget results, we’ve built our reputation on long-term relationships.

Insight BTR is an Information Technology Consulting company based in Madison Wisconsin. We are a business-IT firm that provides flexible technology solutions tailored to medium-sized businesses. Each day we help our SMB clients solve business problems with advanced technology.

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