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3 Tech Trends Your Business Needs to Consider in 2023

Zero-Trust cybersecurity will continue its rapid adoption. Based on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” Zero Trust requires multifactor authentication, SAML, SSO and other identity tools to access networks, files and data.

Effective zero-trust solutions reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. Insight BTR is here to help your business implement and manage a zero-trust cybersecurity solution so you can have peace of mind.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning is becoming more accessible and affordable. It also provides crucial benefits to any business including:

· Improved security – AI solutions can help detect suspicious cyber activity in real time.

· Lower costs – AI solutions can free up more expensive human resources so employees can focus on customers, products, services, coworkers and innovation rather than repetitive tasks.

· Better intelligence – AI can quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data and present in user friendly formats. It can also remember and present customer preferences.

Insight BTR is able to help your business create an AI vision, understand and evaluate AI options, negotiate a purchase/license agreement, implement and manage so you can improve operations.

Mobile devices will continue to be utilized by coworkers. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are already widely adopted and will continue to spread with faster networks and 5G, remote workforces, and 24/7 availability. With more reliance and usage of mobile devices comes challenges.

Insight BTR can help your business with mobile device management. This includes helping you evaluate and select the right devices, features and software, negotiating purchases and service contracts, providing tech support and securing devices and company data.

This is just 3 trends. There are a number of tech trends and solutions Insight BTR can help you with to improve your business in 2023. Give us a call at 608-661-0750 or email info@insightbtr.com to discuss your company’s technology.

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