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4 cybersecurity steps your business must implement now

With cyber attacks significantly increasing in complexity and volume, along with insurers requiring stricter security practices, cybersecurity is a top priority at many companies. This blog entry provides 4 cybersecurity steps your business must implement now.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) requires users to provide multiple credentials to verify identity in order to login. A second credential helps prevent unauthorized access if a password has been compromised. Examples of second credentials include a code sent via text, email or phone, an answer to a secret question, a fingerprint or face recognition. Microsoft states MFA can block over 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks.

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is based on the principle of never trust, always verify. Every request from every user, whether inside or outside your perimeter, must be authenticated, authorized and encrypted in real time. Zero Trust changes the concept of perimeter from location based to identity and access based.

With remote work and cloud computing becoming common, Zero Trust cybersecurity has taken off in adoption. The right Zero Trust Architecture can simplify your IT operations, lower your costs, decrease your staffing needs for cybersecurity and decrease the number of cybersecurity tools needed.

Subject Matter Experts

In a rapidly evolving and complex field like cybersecurity, subject matter experts (SMEs) in cybersecurity can be invaluable. SMEs will do a complete assessment of your business to identify weaknesses and protect against threats. SMEs can also educate and train employees on identifying and preventing cyber threats and can be available to assist should there be a cyberattack. SMEs are growing in significance for both companies and insurers as cybersecurity insurance evolves.

System User Audits

System user audits review and evaluate all accounts. The goal is to make sure each user is properly authorized and that their access is at the right level. Roles and permissions should be assigned to each user based on job responsibilities. Businesses should target conducting system user audits quarterly.

Make sure your business is protected!

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