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42% of small business owners surveyed have experienced a cybersecurity breach

According to the latest Small Business Insights report done last month by Intuit QuickBooks, 42% of small business owners and decision makers indicated they’ve experienced a cybersecurity breach. The most common security breach cited was malware at 18%, followed by phishing at 17%, data breaches at 16%, website hacking at 15%, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) at 12% and ransomware at 10%.

Small businesses are often viewed as an easier target and tend to be more vulnerable, given they generally have smaller budgets, fewer staff and less resources to prevent attacks. An IT managed services provider such as Insight BTR can make sure your business and its data are protected against attacks.

Ways to prevent attacks

Multi-factor authentication is a simple step your business can take to help block attacks. In fact, Microsoft found it can block 99.9% of attacks. Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, requires multiple types of credentials to verify a user. Credentials often include a one-time code sent to the user’s phone, a key fob or a fingerprint. It is unlikely a hacker will have the user’s phone and nearly impossible for a hacker to obtain and use a fingerprint to log-in.

In addition to MFA, making sure you have the proper antivirus software and that it is updated automatically is important. Secure networks, strong passwords and employee training and awareness are also actions businesses should take to protect against cyber threats.

Inflation the top concern for small businesses

Besides cybersecurity threats, the Small Business Insights report found respondents were most concerned with rising costs, the economy, supply chain and cash flow.

Partner with an IT managed service provider

To discuss your business and its security, or IT in general, call Insight BTR at 608-661-0750 or email info@insightbtr.com. Insight BTR delivers IT solutions and IT services throughout Madison and southern Wisconsin.

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