Can you negotiate your way out of a ransomware attack

Hackers have stolen your company’s digital files, disrupted operations and are demanding a $1.7 million payout within 7 days or they go public. Could you negotiate your way out of a huge payout while also minimizing the impact to your business? The Financial Times has made a simulation game where you can test your negotiating […]

What is the CHIPS Act and why it is important to U.S. Businesses and Consumers

You may have heard of the “CHIPS Act” in the news recently. Today we discuss the Act and what it means for businesses and consumers. What is the CHIPS Act? The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 is a bipartisan law that encourages microprocessor manufacturing facilities in the U.S. The goal is to reduce U.S. […]

Save time and money while improving efficiency when you upgrade to a Managed WiFi

Your business can support a mobile workforce, improve security, simplify its network management and save time and money through a managed WiFi. Insight BTR offers customized WiFi solutions and can manage the design, installation, management and support, so you can focus on what matters most – your employees, customers, and products and services. In today’s […]

You and your business must be up-to-date with security when using social media

Norton Labs published its quarterly Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report for April through June last week. The report discusses and highlights the top cybersecurity insights and takeaways in the second quarter. In the second quarter, Norton blocked over 900 million total threats. This includes 103.7 million file-based malware threats blocked, 22.6 million phishing attempts blocked, […]

Use this IT Checklist to audit your company’s IT

We’ve broken down essential IT best practices that all businesses should be executing. This only touches the surface and each business is unique. Insight BTR, an IT managed service provider located in Madison, WI, is happy to discuss your company’s IT situation. Give us a call at 608-661-0750. Security: Antivirus software is installed on all […]

When to call a managed service provider for your IT

If you want to turn technology into a strategic advantage for your business instead of a constant headache costing you time and money, then Insight BTR can help.  Our clients include businesses of all sizes from across all types of industries. Our clients rely on their computers, network and Internet for daily operations, and many […]

Small to midsize businesses face hundreds of IT decisions

Small to midsize business owners know technology is important but other than some computers, phones and maybe a printer, most do not know where to go from there. The following overview can help as you consider your businesses technology needs. Network You’ll need a reliable and secure network that is fast and responsive. Anything else […]

What you need to know about cyber liability insurance

It is no longer enough to have insurance to protect your business against things like property damage and injuries. Now you need to protect against items like cyber attacks, ransomware and data breaches. Today, it is best practice for a business to add cyber liability insurance to their policies. What is cyber liability insurance? Cyber […]

Protect your business from a phishing attack

83% of businesses were the victim of a successful phishing attack in 2021 according to proofpoint’s 2022 State of the Phish study. What is phishing? Phishing is when a cyber attacker sends a fraudulent email pretending to be someone else. The email will prompt some type of action, such as clicking on a link, visiting […]

Enforce password policies to protect your business

Protect your business with strict password policies.

These best practices could mean the difference between a costly attack and no attack A recent report by cloud security firm Lookout found the 5 passwords most commonly found on the dark web due to data breaches are: 1. 123456 2. 123456789 3. Qwerty 4. Password 5. 12345 Cybersecurity solutions provider Hive Systems released this […]