Protect your business from a phishing attack

83% of businesses were the victim of a successful phishing attack in 2021 according to proofpoint’s 2022 State of the Phish study. What is phishing? Phishing is when a cyber attacker sends a fraudulent email pretending to be someone else. The email will prompt some type of action, such as clicking on a link, visiting […]

Enforce password policies to protect your business

Protect your business with strict password policies.

These best practices could mean the difference between a costly attack and no attack A recent report by cloud security firm Lookout found the 5 passwords most commonly found on the dark web due to data breaches are: 1. 123456 2. 123456789 3. Qwerty 4. Password 5. 12345 Cybersecurity solutions provider Hive Systems released this […]

Struggling to find and retain IT talent? Consider an IT managed services provider

Business owners know very well the challenges with finding and keeping talented employees. In a recent survey of small business owners, skills shortages and employee retention were among the top threats facing small businesses alongside items like inflation, supply chain problems and cash flow. Finding and retaining top employees in IT is even tougher, where […]

42% of small business owners surveyed have experienced a cybersecurity breach

According to the latest Small Business Insights report done last month by Intuit QuickBooks, 42% of small business owners and decision makers indicated they’ve experienced a cybersecurity breach. The most common security breach cited was malware at 18%, followed by phishing at 17%, data breaches at 16%, website hacking at 15%, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) at […]

Proactive IT management can save your business time and money

Many business owners, especially in the small to midsize range, will try to save money wherever they can. This can be especially true with IT infrastructure and security where business owners will often say, “it’s working fine, we’re good, we have what we need.” While this approach may work for a while, it is likely […]

When an IT employee leaves your business

No business wants to lose an employee they’ve built a trusting relationship with but it is especially challenging when an IT employee leaves. Not only is your business now short staff, but there are concerns with network management, security, passwords and overall IT performance. Is your business too dependent on one IT employee? If the […]

Gain efficiency and save money with cloud computing

Cloud computing offers numerous benefits for small to midsize businesses In today’s world, you and your employees need to be able to access your company’s data, software and programs quickly, efficiently and from anywhere, from any device, anytime. This could be from a mobile phone at home, a tablet while out in the field or […]

What is a disaster recovery plan and why every business needs one now

How quickly could your business resume operations if it suffered an unplanned event such as a fire, flood, tornado, power outage, cyber attack, hardware failure or human error? Would you be able to recover your data and system functionality? What would be the financial impact? How would your reputation and brand be impacted? Could your […]

Block 99.9% of cyber attacks with this one single step

Multifactor authentication (MFA) requires users to provide their identity using at least two different verification factors before gaining access to your company’s network and data. Its purpose is to provide layers of security outside of username and password. Microsoft engineers, who track over 30 billion login events per day and over one billion active users […]

Microsoft Office 365 Price Increases Coming March 1

Microsoft is raising prices up to 25% on its popular Microsoft Office 365 platform. The price increase takes effect March 1 and varies depending on your plan and service level. Microsoft Office 365, which contains tools such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as cloud services including OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, is used […]