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Now is the time to consider Zero Trust cybersecurity for your business

Zero Trust usage is growing rapidly and has become the new standard in cybersecurity. In this blog entry we explain what exactly is Zero Trust, why it is important and how your business can deploy Zero Trust.

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is based on the principle of never trust, always verify. This means every request from every user, whether inside or outside your perimeter, must be authenticated, authorized and encrypted in real time. Zero Trust changes the concept of perimeter from location based to identity and access based.

While the concept of Zero Trust cybersecurity has been around for several years, adoption has only recently taken off as remote work and cloud computing have become common. Business leaders across all industries and all sizes of organizations are adopting Zero Trust.

Why is Zero Trust important?

There are numerous reasons to deploy a Zero Trust cybersecurity architecture. Zero Trust helps protect against both internal and external threats, provides visibility to all data access activities, limits data exfiltration, gives the right protections and access controls for cloud computing, ensures data privacy, complies with the strictest regulatory laws and enables security for remote and hybrid workforces.

When implemented correctly, Zero Trust can simplify IT operations, lower costs, decrease the number of cybersecurity tools necessary and decrease dependence on cybersecurity staffing.

I want to learn more…

Insight BTR, an IT service firm serving Madison and southern Wisconsin, can help your business transition to Zero Trust architecture. We’ll meet with you to understand your networks current state including all of its assets, users and processes. From there we’ll create a strategic plan that gives your business improved protection, response and efficiency. Insight BTR will partner with you every step of the way, including strategy and planning, budget, implementation, adoption, training, monitoring and maintenance.

To get the conversation started, call Insight BTR at 608-661-0750, email us at info@insightbtr.com or schedule a meeting time on our website at https://www.insightbtr.com/schedule-a-consultation/

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