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Protect your company’s data from loss, corruption and unauthorized access

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention is a strategy designed to protect a company’s data from loss, corruption, or unauthorized access. Data loss prevention is also referred to as data loss protection or DLP.

One of the most notable components of DLP is data can by classified and policies applied. For example, if a company has HIPAA data, the DLP software can detect HIPAA policy violations, start a remediation process and isolate the data to prevent sharing, downloading or transferring.

Another key part of DLP software is it monitors activity. In doing this it can mitigate the risk of accidental or intentional exposure of sensitive data outside of authorized channels. If the DLP software detects a leak or data breach, it will apply pre-set protocols to encrypt, isolate and protect company data even after the data has left the system.

Why is Data Loss Prevention Important?

There is a number of reasons a company should have a data loss prevention strategy.

DLP can help a company comply with regulations and protect and secure their data. Data breaches can results in costly fines. They can also hurt a company’s reputation and image, costing them significant damage. If key files are accidentally deleted it can halt business operations, such as an ecommerce site from working correctly.

With more and more employees using their own devices and working from home, DLP is even more crucial. Many employees now use both personal and work devices to do their jobs and access data from multiple locations including home, offices, hotels, airports and cafes. In addition to multiple devices and locations, employees are using a variety of channels to share and access data including instant messaging, email, productivity apps such as Teams or Slack, SMS, social media, the cloud, networks and removable drives.

A strategic DLP policy can help mitigate all of this risk and exposure.  

Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Your company is important and it has taken years to get to this point. You don’t want to risk it all in a flash by experiencing a data breach.

Insight BTR will work with you to learn your data, needs, workflows and budget. Our team of IT professionals will work with you to establish policies and deploy the right DLP tools and strategies that best suit your company.

Get started before it is too late! Call Insight BTR at 608-661-0750 or email info@insightbtr.com.

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