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What you need to know about cyber liability insurance

It is no longer enough to have insurance to protect your business against things like property damage and injuries. Now you need to protect against items like cyber attacks, ransomware and data breaches. Today, it is best practice for a business to add cyber liability insurance to their policies.

What is cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability insurance will protect a business from technology-related risks, data breaches and other cyber security issues. It helps a business manage and mitigate risk both before and after attacks or breaches.

It can help a business cover legal services to meet state and federal regulations, notification expenses to alert affected customers that their information was compromised, extortion paid to recover locked files, lost income from network outages, lawsuits related to privacy and security, and regulatory fines.

How can Insight BTR help your business meet insurance requirements?

At a minimum an insurer will require the following:

· Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

· Backup

· A response plan or disaster recovery plan

· Patching

· Security training for employees

Insight BTR, a IT managed service provider serving Madison and southern Wisconsin, can help your business implement and execute all of these requirements. We will work with your business and insurer to ensure the most effective security guards are in place and that all insurance requirements are met.

To get started, call Insight BTR at 608-661-0750 or email info@insightbtr.com.

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