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When an IT employee leaves your business

No business wants to lose an employee they’ve built a trusting relationship with but it is especially challenging when an IT employee leaves. Not only is your business now short staff, but there are concerns with network management, security, passwords and overall IT performance.

Is your business too dependent on one IT employee?

If the answer is yes, now is the time to prepare, not when that person decides to leave. Many IT employees have years of knowledge, skill, expertise and familiarity with your business in their head. It should be documented and up to date. This documentation, often referred to as standard operating procedures (SOPs), will help your business continue to run smoothly without a disruption in services or performance should a key IT employee leave.

Documentation should include an inventory of hardware and software, systems and programs information, requirements, vendor contacts, contract details, security info and any other IT related information.

When done right, this documentation will help preserve your key IT employee’s knowledge, save your business time and effort, help train new employees and ensure a smooth transition.

How a partner like Insight BTR can help your business with its IT

Insight BTR, a managed service provider specializing in IT solutions for businesses, has a team of IT professionals with diverse skill sets and experiences. Insight BTR can work with your business on properly creating a standard operating procedures (SOPs) document. If you’re already down staff and need help, Insight BTR is also available.

Schedule an appointment, email info@insightbtr.com or call 608-661-0750.

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